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Madeira direct from Isle of Man

Madeira is a volcanic island, and its summit is Pico Ruivo - a 1,860m peak.

A complex network of levadas (irrigation channels) radiates out from the humid highlands, bringing water to every part of the island; and the towpaths that run alongside them are ideal for walking.

In the island’s interior, you’ll find unique settlements as Curral das Freiras, situated around an old nunnery in a hidden valley. Continue to the northern coast, and the scenery changes again to a more rugged landscape and here you can visit Santana, a beautiful village of triangular thatched houses, which should not be missed.



Fly to Madeira direct from the Isle of Man.
Fly to Madeira direct from the Isle of Man. 30 June, 25 August, 20 October 2014

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West of the capital is the coastal village of Câmara de Lobos, the gateway to the scenic wine-growing country. Further on are the mighty cliffs of Cabo Girão, which rise more than half a kilometre from the ocean; and the vantage point of Pico Dos Barcelos, which grants a stunning panorama over the west of the island.

The most unspoilt marine landscape is to be found at the extreme eastern end of Madeira. The craggy rock formations of Ponta de São Lourenço have a savage beauty that shows little evidence of human settlement.

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