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Vaccinations Vaccinations are required or recommended for certain destinations. Requirements can change without notice and some inoculations or precautions although not compulsory may be advisable. Local conditions are subject to change and we suggest that your consult your GP or one of the specialist vaccination centres for more information or visit the NHS Choices website at www.nhs.ukhealthcareabroad Holiday Healthcare in Europe EHIC If you are a UK resident you are entitled to free or reduced cost state provided healthcare when visiting a European Union EU country. However to be covered you will need to take a free of charge European Health Insurance Card EHIC. To apply 6 weeks prior to travel visit the NHS Choices website www.nhs.ukHealthcareabroad or by calling 0845 606 2030. Currency Travellers Cheques Credit Cards Its a good idea to take your spending money partly in foreign currency and partly in travellers cheques. Travellers cheques are the safest way to carry money as they are easily cashed for a small service charge and you are covered if you lose them. Otherwise youll find MasterCard and Visa credit cards are widely accepted. American Express and Diners Club less so. Travel Advice The Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination. You are advised to check this information on Travel Advice on Alternatively you can contact them on 0845 850 2829 or the ABTA Information Department on 0891 202520 calls charged at 50pminute The International Air Transport Association IATA also provides passport visa and health information necessary for air travellers. You are advised to check this information on the IATA Travel Centre at http Health Advice You should obtain advice on vaccinations and health precautions appropriate to your holiday from your doctor in good time before departure as vaccinations are required or recommended for certain destinations. Any information we provide in this brochure is given in good faith but may not be up to date. AIRLINES AIRPORTS FLIGHTS Full Names on Tickets Due to increased security measures all airlines now require first and last names on the airline tickets. This must be the name that appears on your passport which must also be the name given for your booking with us. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is correct on your invoice and other documentation. Any changes will lead to an administration charge being made by the airline to you. Airline Services Freedom Travel Holidays use a range of reputable airlines which offer a range of facilities to make your flight and airport experience more special. These include Pre-bookable seats VIP airport lounges and airport parking. We recommend that all these are confirmed at the time of booking in order to avoid disappointment. In-flight Services In-flight refreshments will served on-board subject to availability and maybe charged at the time of travel. Flights Flight timings shown in this brochure are based on a 24-hour clock system. These timings however are provisional and will be submitted for approval by UK and overseas scheduling committees and therefore are given for guidance only and subject to alteration and confirmation. Our reservation system will system will show the latest timings as advised to us. Please check your flight tickets as soon as you receive them as they will show the final timings for your flight. Flights are scheduled to be operated by Flybe aircraft. However we reserve the right to substitute alternative airlines and or aircraft if necessary and any such change will not entitle a client to cancel or change to another holiday without paying our normal charges. In accordance with EU Directive EC No. 21112005 Article 9 we are required to bring to your attention the existence of aCommunity list which contains details of air carriers that are subject to an opening ban within the EU Community. The Community list is available for inspection at Deep Vein Thrombosis Lengthy periods of immobility can increase the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT but there are simple steps that you can take to reduce susceptibility. Take plenty of non-alcoholic drinks get up and move about whenever possible do some simple foot and leg exercises. Your airline may demonstrate the type of exercise or see www.nhs.ukLivewelltravelhealth Pregnancy Airline Regulations state that women 28 weeks or more into pregnancy at the time of return travel must have a medical certificate of fitness to fly. Normally after 32 weeks permission to travel is refused. No Smoking All airlines operate a no smoking policy. Check-in Avoid big queues at the airport and get to the check-in on time. Better still pre-book your seats. You must get to the airport at least 2 hours before your flights is due to leave. If you dont the airline could refuse to take you in which case you will have to pay for another flight. Baggage At the time of press your baggage allowance is 20kgs 44lbs per person except children under 2 who have no allowance. If you go over this amount the airline may refuse to carry it or charge you anexcess luggagefee. Normally special items such as wheelchairs pushchairs surfboards etc can be carried but you should check direct with your airline before travel. Its possible that local contractors may charge an excess fee for carriage of windsurfsurf equipment and golf clubs on transfer coaches. Any change to this will be notified at time of booking. X-ray All baggage will be x-rayed at airports so if you have any odd shaped items scissors penknives or toy guns for example or any sharp objects such as darts or metal nail files expect to have your bag examined and those items confiscated. Films and camera equipment is safe in hand luggage but not in the bags you check in the hold. YOUR ACCOMMODATION Your accommodation is the key to your holiday so we provide as much information as possible to help you choose the right one. Individual descriptions give you basic facts figures and photographs of several aspects of the accommodation. It is only fair to point out that not every room in each property is identical or has the same views. Distances are usually measured from the nearest point of public access so if you have a room in the grounds it may be further away or nearer than stated in the brochure text. Pets are not allowed at any properties. Hotels Our reference toHotelin this brochure covers all accommodation and does not necessarily distinguish between local classifications such asAparthotel HostelPensionTavernaResidenciaetc. Apartments These are self-contained units with at least one separate bedroom shower room or bathroom and are usually on one level although they may occasionally be split-level. They are equipped with basic cooking facilities minimum of two cooking rings and fridge and have crockery cutlery and utensils for the maximum number of people who can occupy it. All apartments are provided with bed linen and towels not beach towels which are changed at least once a week. Apartment descriptions tell you how many adults can occupy an apartment e.g. apartment for up to 6 although if your party is less than the maximum there may not be 6bedsat the time of your stay. Studios These are on room which acts as living and sleeping accommodation and has basic cooking facilities usually 2 rings and a fridge and a mixture of single beds and convertible sofas or divans depending on its size. Hotel Rooms Bedroom descriptions are as follows Twin room with 2 single beds Double room with a double bed Single room with a single bed Sole occupancy twin or double room for use by one person. Single rooms are scarce and may not be the same general standard as twin rooms they may be smaller with no balcony. Also see underPRICESrelating to single rooms and travellers. Three or four bedded rooms usually mean a twin bedded room with extra folding or bunk beds so you will need to be prepared for having less space. Extra beds may well be the folding types which are easier to move in and out of rooms. Deposits In some areas you may be asked to pay a deposit in apartments or studios and villas to cover accidental damage or breakage this is refundable when you leave. Some accommodation suppliers charge a fee per room for certain services whether they are used or not which is at their discretion. Our Ratings Official ratings are set by relevant overseas authorities where applicable but unfortunately do not represent a consistent way of comparing accommodation standards from one country to the next.Therefore FreedomTravel Holidays has established its own ratings to help you choose.These are based on our own knowledge at the time of going to press and take into account facilities food service and location as well as the characteristic differences between hotels and apartments. The ratings are given on a scale of 2 - 5 and represent a range from simple good value without frills to above average with extra comfort. Properties with aplusrating are those which have that little something extra that stands them apart. Not all accommodation within the same rating will necessarily offer the same facilities. Number of Nights For night flights that are scheduled to arrive in resort after 05.21 hrs local time your accommodation may not be available until midday 14.00 hrs of the day of arrival. The benefit of this is that on your last day you will have access to your room up until the time of departure see also Check-inCheck- out below. Where half or full board has been booked and flight timings may mean losing one meal your holiday price has been adjusted to compensate. Check-InCheck-out Checking in and checking out times vary slightly from resort to resort but generally are as follows check in from 2pm on occasions it may be later check out on the last day of your holiday is 10am in apartments and midday in hotels. In some cases you may have to wait to access your accommodation depending on your flight arrival time or have several hours before your homeward flight departs. Wherever possible a room will be made available for changing and storing luggage. Sometimes hotels may let you keep your room arrange in resort but they are entitled to make a charge. This is not normally possible with apartments. Availability of Facilities Sometimes advertised facilities may not be available or fully operational in the early and late part of the season particularly March-early April or late October. Air conditioning is controlled by hoteliers and may only be available at certain times of the day or year. Unless stated otherwise some facilities at hotels and beach e.g. sun beds andor mattresses parasols towels watersports sports equipment gyms saunas safety deposit boxes air conditioning satellite TV minibars disco cots may incur a local charge. Some properties now utilise solar power for heating water and although we encourage this in terms of the environment it does sometimes lead to a reduced hot water supply if there is insufficient sunlight. Outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions. Maid Service Properties have a maid service for general cleaning duties and linetowel changes as appropriate which does not include washing up and varies from area to area. The frequency of cleaning as specified in the individual property descriptions may include the cleaning on arrival and departure. Swimming Pools Hotels usually only heat their swimming pools during cold weather subject to the number of clients in residence.The decision must of course rest with the establishment. Occasionally pools will not be available at the very beginning of the season however we will endeavour to advise you prior to departure. Occasionally pools will be filled with seawater. See individual property descriptions. Meals Self-service buffet-style meals are now the most popular methods of meal service in hotels and include hot and cold dishes. Not all hotels have a choice of menu others may offer two sittings at meal times for your comfort and at certain properties the choice of restaurants offering the advertised board basis may be restricted. If this is the case you may have to pay a charge to eat at the other restaurants. Our descriptions show the meal arrangements available at your hotel although occasionally these may change. Smoking You should be aware that many hotels restaurants and other venues are being designated non-smoking often because of local or national legislation. If you believe that such restrictions will seriously impair your holiday plans please check with us before booking. If we are aware of any restrictions we will confirm this information upon request but we must stress that we are unable to alert you of any changes that may be made after your booking is confirmed. Pets Pets are not allowed in any property. All Inclusive Holidays All Inclusive normally includes all meals and local drinks during the bar opening hours as specified as well as day and evening activities at your hotel. Beer available in theAll-Inclusivepackage is usually draught not bottledlocalwine is usually house wine served by the glass from a barrel not a bottle and carbonated soft drinks are usually on tap not bottled. Drinks may be served in plastic beakers not glass particularly around swimming pools. The services facilities and meals available do vary from hotel to hotel so make sure you check the paragraph headedAll Inclusivewith each hotel description for exact details. Food served can be local or international. An extra charge will be made for imported alcoholic drinks and certain facilities such as games machines or pool tables still require you to insert your own coins. You must also pay for infantsmeals locally. Note Times when included drinks and snacks are served may vary from those shown but are typically between 11am and midnight. Acashbar may operate outside these times. Alcohol licensing laws vary for different countries so guests cannot be served with alcoholic drinks in All Inclusive hotels if they areunder agefor that country. There may also be age or experience restrictions on some watersports. All guests are normally required to wear or carry identification to ensure they receive the All Inclusive benefits. This is provided by the hotel and consists of an identity bracelet or ID card. Dress Code Some hotels request that men wear long trousers for dinner not shorts and T-shirts. See individual hotel descriptions. IN RESORT Transfer Times Approximate transfer times from airports to accommodation. These are obviously dependent on local traffic and the number of stops made at other hotels and apartments en-route. Beaches Our brochure descriptions give a fair indication of the types of beach at resorts and of the availability of any watersports or other beach related activities. Even thesafestbeach can become dangerous in unusual weather conditions so you should always check the area before swimming and obey any warning signs and flags and NEVER swim after dark or after consuming alcohol. Do not spend too long sunbathing. Take plenty of breaks in the shade and take in plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to replace body fluids. Remember sea breezes can be deceiving giving the impression it is not quite as hot as it actually is. The EU publishes an annual report available to the public listing the beaches throughout Europe that dont meet the Commissions requirements on cleanliness. WatersportsDiving Watersports are more and more popular and while Freedom Travel Holidays has highlighted the variety that is available we are not necessarily recommending that you take part. Independent local companies and individuals not Freedom Travel Holidays run all watersport activities. We dont want to take the fun away but make sure you are properly equipped for the sport check if your insurance covers you in case of accidents. Please also see our Booking Conditions. Resort Development Just like in the UK local authorities may suddenly decide to dig up or re- tarmac a road companies may start to erect or improve buildings and many resorts will continue to develop and expand. It is in both your and our interest to keep you fully informed when we know such building works may seriously affect your holiday. Therefore you will be advised at the time of booking or contacted prior to departure if there is time. Excursions Going abroad isnt just about getting the sun its about seeing different places and cultures thats why Freedom Travel Holidays are able to provide information about the range of excursions in your chosen resorts. See your Freedom Travel Holidays representative or appointed agent to find out more. Please also see our Booking Conditions. Many local excursion suppliers agents will provide the Freedom Travel Holidays representative or appointed agent with credit card facilities for you to make payment for your choice of excursions and as in the UK a fee maybe charged in addition to any charges by your own card provider or currency exchange costs. Health Safety Local Standards The safety standards and regulations which apply overseas are those of the country concerned. Because of this the general standards of safety hygiene fire precautions etc can be lower than those we have come to expect in the UK. We suggest you familiarise yourself with fire escapes and dont let non-swimmers or children jump into a swimming pool before checking the depths and exit. Upset stomachs are often caused by the change in climate drinking ice cold drinks and not necessarily by local hygiene or food preparation standards. Sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS are a serious threat to health throughout the world. Exercise caution and seek immediate medical attention if you think you may have been infected. It is unwise to have your skin pierced or have tattoos or henna tattoos. Rabies is a serious hazard all over the world. Avoid touching animals especially wild or stray ones. Remember that the sun is much more powerful than in the UK. Take care not to over-expose yourself or your children Particularly babies in the early days. Take plenty of breaks in the shade. Use protective creams and drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to replace body fluids. Wear approved sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and a sun hat. We suggest you keep a note with you of any significant medical condition you may have and details of any medication you are taking. Pack a small first aid kit. ON YOUR RETURN Holiday Survey Forms Your opinions about our services are very important to us and therefore we encourage you to complete one of our Holiday Survey Forms at the end of your holiday.This will help us to make any improvements to the holidays that we offer. If you have a Complaint. Please see the booking conditions. Data Protection Your Privacy In order to process your booking we need to use the information with which you provide us e.g. name address special requests insurance details etc. This information will be kept on the companys computers and may be passed to suppliers responsible for your travel arrangements such as airlines hotels etc. In addition this information may be passed to public authorities such as Customs Immigration or as required by law. We have appropriate security measures in place to safeguard your details. The data that we hold may also be used to contact you with details of future holidays. In making your booking you consent to this information being passed to relevant persons you have the right to opt out if you wish to do so please call 01624 696501. Your data controller is Freedom Travel Group Limited. You have the right of access to the data we hold relating to you subject to the payment of a small fee to cover the administration costs. 35Essential Information